Using or specifying color and understanding color trends is complicated.  Design professionals need updated and accurate training.  Technology is changing things by the minute, getting good color information is challenging.  Certainly, having a talent for picking color is useful but it is a little like throwing the dice if you don’t really understand the rules of color.  It is only when you know the rules that can you break them.  Knowing the rules, understanding undertones, color value, metamerism, and the basic science of color gives anyone involved with color important skills. A little science can go a long way. Knowing how to speak the language of color brings more accurate communication, avoiding costly mistakes.

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I have been with Color Marketing Group and have been involved with color forecasting for over ten years.  In that time, I have learned how costly bad product color selection can be and that usually happens from lack of color education and not understanding color trends and their direction.  I have also learned how valuable it is to understand what the future trends in colors are.  Many will tell you it is hocus pocus but it isn’t.  The people who workshop color trends have spent hours observing and building their stories from major events, but they have been trained to hone in on the small little incidents that occur in the most unlikely places that most people do not notice. Understanding Color Trend Forecasting changes how you see the world and can give your company or business an edge.  You start to notice everything and wonder how these stories will affect the world and the color around you.    No one knows the exact color from year to year, but certainly understanding color’s direction and what is influencing it will make you far better equipped to make color decisions.