Colour Dogs



Y ou have seen pictures of my little poodle called Fisher.  I named him Fisher because he swims like a Fish and the first week I had him he fell through the ice in Lake Ontario and still managed to come to the surface so I could fish him out.  I thought I had lost my new puppy!



Of course poodles have a reputation for being dyed different colours.  So being a colour person I thought I would check it out on the internet.  I was shocked.  What is funny is that the dogs are so colourful and  yet their  human is wearing jeans and grey shoes. Not much colour.

But talking  about colour and it didn’t end there.

Or how about this one:

This one appears to be saying, “really?”

As for my Fisher…….well he will stay good old brown.  No colour experimenting with him.  With a face like this how could you improve him!


If you would like me to help you choose the perfect colours for your home….not sure I could help you with your dog….contact me.  Call 416-577-4944 or email me at

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