I was on Hungry Muse the other day and I saw a blog on The Tabord Inn.    Every September I travel to Washington to attend steering for  Colour Marketing Group’s (CMG). This year we are putting together the colour forecast  for North America 2019.  Every year I hold a colour forecasting workshop in May, in Toronto.  Read about it here.  I take the results to Washington and I and a group of Canadians and Americans all report on the results of their regional colour forecasting workshops and we then, through debate and discussion come up with a forecast for North America 2019.

But back to the Tabard Inn.  I saw the Tabard Inn on this blog and was fascinated with the pictures.  It seemed the Inn was full of color. And bonus it was in Washington and so i booked a room.

I was not disappointed.  It is a paradise for colour lovers and those who want something different.  Not only was the staff warm and welcoming but every wall had interesting art.  The curator is a person with a great sense of humour.  Here is the stairwell going up to our room.

The hall was the most beautiful deep red with clean white trim and black doors.  It was bold and refreshing.  I could hardly wait to get up the stairs and open the door to my room. When I opened the door this is what i saw!

A room with lilac walls and a yellow ceiling.  The light was low and so it was hard to capture.  I was charmed.  It was like stepping back into another time!  There were old  beautifully bound books in the secretary from the early 1900’s.  Here are other angles

There was a lovely fireplace with very small carera marble tile surround.  The warm  patina was from years of scrubbing and polishing.

.  I think the floor was a little wonky as the table lamp looked like it was about to slide off the table.  I found it charming.

More colour greeting me in the bathroom.

Skyblue walls with a lime green ceiling.  Sounds terrible but it worked.  The tile was a grainy grey on the floor and a rich beige on the wall.  Here is a close up of the floor.

The tiles were different textures and finishes and felt interesting when you walked over them in bare feet.   Below you can see the graininess of the grey edging  tile.  It worked so well with the bright wall colour.  It made the room feel a little more modern and edgy.  It was a great effect.

This old black marble shelf made the perfect place to do my makeup but also the black grounded every thing.

On our way down the stairs this morning the doors were open to the reception rooms on the second floor.  Again More color!  This was the peek I got through the door!

So of course I sneaked in to get more pictures.


And then this room with deep red walls, white trim and sky blue ceilings


Sorry that the pictures are not the best.  A tripod and a flash would have helped but there is only so much I could get in my case.  🙂 who knew I would want to take pictures.

If you are coming to Washington, you might want to consider the Tabard Inn if you love different.  The restaurant is charming with a courtyard and live music in the evening and great breakfast.  They make fresh donuts.    Everything is walking distance, the White House, Dupont Circle, The Smithsonian.  You are in the middle of it all.

If you need some colour in your life, call me or email me.  roz@roomworkshappy.com or 416-577-4944.

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